32 Simple Ways to Get Your House Sold

32 Simple Ways to Get Your House Ready to Sell Selling your home can be an exciting time because it means that there will be new opportunities available for you. However, it can be quite stressful as well. This article will give you 32 simple ways to help you get your house sold at the best price possible.

1. Decluttered the entire house

2. Brought in a cleaning crew

3. Had the carpets cleaned

4. Touched up paint

5. Fixed broken items to give a better overall impression of the house.

6. Added missing finishes

7. Weeded and landscaped outdoor areas

8. Neutral-ized. Make things a little more neutral, calm-feeling, and easy for the eyes to take in.

9. Eliminated busy-ness. Get rid of a busy patterned rug in living space.

10. Made each space look as large as possible

11. Created consistency in feel and color scheme throughout the house

12. Gave each space a defined purpose

13. Added plants– faux and real

14. Staged simply

15. Used trays for easy staging

16. Had clean white towels in bathrooms

17. Depersonalized– somewhat

18. Made kids’ toys look as clean and neat as possible

19. Had professional photos taken

20. Cleared off surfaces. Make spaces look uncluttered and as large as possible.

21. Created a space for everything. Because there were some things that we used on a regular basis (like our toaster and cooking utensils) that would need to be put away for every showing.

22. Kept all cabinets, drawers, and closets neat and tidy

23. Kept beds as easy to make as possible

24. Kept up with the dishes

25. Kept up with the laundry

26. Wiped down counters daily

27. Swept/vacuumed daily

28. Cleaned bathroom mirrors daily

29. Kept a laundry basket handy for “extras.”

30. Opened all curtains and blinds.

31. Turned on all lights.

32. Left house in “show condition” any time we left for an extended period of time.

As you can see, there are some simple things that you can do in order to make your home more appealing. If you follow these guidelines, you will draw the attention of many interested buyers toward your home. The next thing you know, you will have an offer and your house will be sold.

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